Open-up Interstices: exploring the value of interstitial spaces for urban regeneration in Den Haag Zuidwest


Interstitial spaces (small-scale, underused open spaces) hold crucial potentials to improve liveability, to revive public life and urban culture, especially in post-war neighbourhoods that present serious socio-economic problems. These potentials lie in their closeness to everyday life and in their easy re-activation with small-scale, simple and fast interventions. In contrast to formal public spaces, interstices offer an openness for spontaneous social-ecological appropriation, providing opportunities for alternative social-spatial practices and new relationships between man and nature, citizens and public space.

‘Open-up interstices’ intends to trigger design interventions for interstitial spaces in post-war neighbourhoods through inviting or initiating human practice and ecological spontaneity. It is grounded in research developed at the Chair of Landscape Architecture and the Chair of Methods and Analysis at the TU Delft. This fundamental research develops a set of design approaches to facilitate the open-ended transformation of interstitial spaces. ‘Open-up interstices’ aims to transfer, apply and evaluate this academic knowledge through the investigation and design of open spaces of the Leyweg district in Den Haag Zuidwest, which is the target of an urban regeneration plan for the upcoming years. The cooperation with both the Den Haag municipality and private partner Hebly Theunissen Architecten, with wide experience with urban regeneration, can concretize these design approaches and opportunities for the urban regeneration of Den Haag Zuidwest.

The project consists of four phases—understanding, interpretation, design, evaluation—and advances two goals: providing insight in the potential of Leyweg’s existing interstitial spaces; evaluating and developing knowledge for future research projects.





Dr. ir. S.I. de Wit

Verbonden aan

Technische Universiteit Delft, Faculteit Bouwkunde, Urbanism


24/10/2019 tot 31/08/2020