Strategic diffusion and marketing of promising varieties of plantain in Benin Republic


Among the cultivated plants, banana and plantain are the rare species identified to benefit from global warming because both productivity and suitable lands are expected to increase. Initiatives around plantain are very rare in Benin. The aim of this project is to promote plantain production and processing to ensure food security and generate income to practitioners. This project will bring together actors from various knowledge backgrounds including practitioners, as well as scientists to select promising plantain varieties and produce healthy planting material; design a mechanism for strategic dissemination of materials; develop appropriate processing technologies to deliver plantain-derived products that meet the requirements of national and international markets; explore markets for new plantain-derived products. This project will be implemented during 36 months by a consortium composed of two academic research institutes, one private for profit organization and one private non-profit organization with an estimated budget of 361.23 k€.



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B.E. Nanoukon

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Cité des Bananes


Mr ADIMOU, Prof. dr. ir. Mr AHOHUENDO, B. Adjadogbedji, Dr. A. Affokpon MSc, Dr. ir. M. Dekker, A.G. Egounlety, F. Gogohounga, H.F. Honfo, S. Kpènavoun, B.E. Nanoukon, C.D. N’koué, O.M.I. Ogni, Dr. ir. T.J. Stomph, Prof. dr. ir. P.C. Struik, Dr. E. Togbe


02/10/2017 tot 31/07/2020