NEWEL - The New Science of Existential Well-being


The NEWEL project is aimed at identifying, analyzing and predicting fundamental elements of well-being at work for today and tomorrow’s workforce, thereby generating actionable and verifiable knowledge. Informed by big data obtained from behavioral data, surveys and multisource performance data collected by Koninklijke Ahold NV, a global retailer with a diverse workforce, NEWEL brings together researchers in philosophy, happiness economics, organizational psychology, artificial intelligence, and ethics for a three-fold research agenda.

The NEWEL research agenda will (a) explore the need, relevance, and justness of focusing on well-being in organizations and organizational decision-making, also compared to achieving other objectives within organizations, (b) explore key drivers of current and future aspects of work-related well-being, including identification of long-term effectiveness of interventions to increase well-being within organizations and core ethical guidelines for sustainable well-being policies, and (c) explore the ethics of using technology in gathering, processing and data driven decision making on well-being in organizations. Envisaged tangible outcomes of the project include guidelines for using big data and well-being data in organizations to inform policy as well as software prototypes for analyzing work-related survey and theoretical and empirical contributions on the relationship between employee well-being and organizational performance.





Prof. dr. M. de Rijke

Verbonden aan

Universiteit van Amsterdam, Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica, Instituut voor Informatica (IVI)


01/06/2017 tot 30/09/2020