Multiple pathways and inclusive low emission development: navigating towards leverage points in the East-African dairy sector


This research identifies and analyses institutional conditions for scaling low-emission development dairy interventions in an inclusive manner. The formulation and implementation of inclusive low-emission intervention strategies is complicated by asymmetric power relations between actors, conflicting interests, misalignment of incentive structures, discrepancies between short-term achievements and long-term strategies, and disconnected formal and informal sectors. Moreover, the urgency to respond to climate change may induce a search for simple and transferable solutions with high emission reduction potential. This may hinder investment in the development of context-sensitive strategies that simultaneously maximize societal co-benefits. By systematically valorising multiple pathways and capturing diverse priorities, interests and management styles, this project adopts a socially responsive approach to scenario development. Facilitating interactions among representatives from private and public sectors in research-driven dialogues stimulates and catalyses intervention strategies that can be inclusive of a wider range of actors and therefore enhance the scalability potential of low-emission intervention strategies.



W 08.260.306


Dr. ir. S.R. Vellema

Verbonden aan

Wageningen University & Research, Institute for Agro-Technological Research (ATO)


Dr. T.A. Crane, E.M. Kihoro PhD, Dr. G.C. Schoneveld, V.D.M. Vernooij PhD


31/12/2017 tot 30/09/2020