Atomic-scale control of surface charge-transfer


Technology roadmaps target scaling of semiconductors to 10-nm by 2016 in order to lower costs and increase the performance of electronic devices. Monolayer doping (MLD) method can realize this outline, by obtaining an ultra-shallow surface charge-transfer, while the charge-containing atoms are bonded and subsequently diffused into the semiconductor surface. However, MLD suffers from the lack of air-stability and dose-controllability due to an insufficient control of the interfacial bonding mechanism between the charge-containing atoms and the semiconductor surface. I plan to understand and regulate the interfacial bonding mechanism towards obtaining an air-stable and dose-controlled surface charge-transfer. In this case, I will examine new parameters, e.g. semiconducting properties, that I have recently found to have an important influence on the interfacial mechanism. I will utilize and develop novel approaches in employing radiation and electrochemical spectroscopic techniques to examine the small interfacial region. The research results will cover the knowledge gap towards application of MLD method, while also contributing to generally explain the unknown interfacial phenomena. The project impact is substantial for the semiconductor and consumer industries. Moreover, the project results further clarify the interfacial mechanisms for various research fields such as coating, membrane and self-assembly.


Wetenschappelijk artikel

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