Ontwikkeling in scholen: interne en externe kwaliteitszorg.


The proposed research aims at providing a better understanding of the meaning of internal and external quality assurance for school improvement processes. The research concerns three issues that have not yet received sufficient attention in the discussion up till now: the role of upper school governance and management, the schange capacity of schools, and the differential approaches of change processes in schools. Two studies will be conducted: a survey regarding role conceptions and leadership practices of upper school managers and case-studies of school improvement processes (in terms of change capacity and approach to change) and the way in which these processes relate to internal and external quality assurance.


Professionele publicatie

  • E. van Eck, M. Boogaard(2008): Scholen kijken kritisch naar eigen kwaliteit. Kwaliteitszorg in dienst van schoolontwikkeling.





Prof. dr. F.P. Geijsel

Verbonden aan

Nederlandse School voor Onderwijsmanagement


Drs. E. van Eck, Prof. dr. F.P. Geijsel


01/03/2006 tot 07/04/2008