Excellent cooperative learning behavior in higher education


This study is about excellence in cooperative learning in higher education. The research on cooperative learning in higher education has up till now hardly been connected to research on excellence. Up till now, research on excellence in higher education has focused on student characteristics in relation to study success. In higher education, hardly any research has been performed on excellent study behavior, even though it is very likely that study behavior mediates between excellent ability and study success. Besides this, characteristics of the learning environment play a role, which, by fitting more or less well to the cooperative learning preferences of potentially excellent students, makes that this group of students shows more or less excellent cooperative learning behavior. This study answers the following research question: In cooperative learning in higher education, how does the interaction work between students? characteristics of excellence, students? learning preferences, the learning environment and excellent cooperative learning behavior?



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Prof. dr. J.I. Schoonenboom

Verbonden aan

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Onderwijscentrum


Dr. D.M.E. Griffioen, A.G. Pullen MSc


01/02/2013 tot 31/01/2016