ultracold gas mixtures of metastable helium-3 and helium-4 atoms. Bezoeker: Dr. M.D. Hoogerland.


At the Laser Centre of the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam we use laser cooling techniques to cool helium gas (with atoms in a long-lived metastable state) to a temperature of 0.000001 degree above absolute zero. The gas is contained in a magnetic trap, in ultrahigh vacuum. We now are in the process of transferring this gas into a trap at the centre of focussed laser beams, which provides far better control over the interactions between the atoms allowing new physics of quantum degenerate gases, for fermions (helium-3), bosons (helium-4) as well as mixtures. At LCVU experience
in laser dipole traps is not available. Dr. M. Hoogerland is
a specialist in trapping atoms inside laser fields. He also has experience with research in quantum degenerate gases and in the past has worked with metastable helium. This expertise makes him a perfect candidate for a visitors travel grant. To be more specific, he will study phase separation in isotopic mixtures and investigate the production of pairs of ultracold helium-3 atoms. To study these pairs he will develop a position-sensitive detector for metastable helium atoms.





Dr. W. Vassen

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01/12/2009 tot 22/11/2010