Enhancing the development of motivation, self-regulation and achievements for potentially excellent students through an integrated enriched learning arrangement in mathematics and history education


High achievements in school are the result of both high abilities and students? motivation and self-regulated learning. Excellence must be supported by a learning environment which challenges and motivates students. Characteristics of the learning environment that have been found to enhance student motivation and self-regulated learning of students include support for student autonomy, structure and collaborative learning tasks. This study investigates how the learning environment can support potentially excellent students in upper high school (vwo5). Two enriched learning arrangements will be developed for mathematics and history education. One condition includes more open tasks and the second more structured tasks. In addition, we investigate the influence of the groups? constitution (homogenous or heterogeneous on cognitive ability) on students? outcomes. In a longitudinal study the effects of the learning arrangements on the development of potentially excellent students? motivation, self-regulated learning and achievements will be investigated.





Prof. dr. C.A.M. van Boxtel

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Universiteit van Amsterdam, Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen, Geschiedenis, Archeologie en Regiostudies


Dr. S. Abrantes Garcez Palha, Dr. J.A. Schuitema


04/01/2013 tot 31/12/2015