Next Ocean Maritime


Waves, and the resulting motions of floating structures are a limiting factor for offshore operations: in harsh conditions, e.g. lifting operations with floating cranes, crew transfer or helicopter landings cannot be carried out safely, resulting in costly ?down-time?. However, even in these, there can be periods of relatively low waves/motions. Next Ocean Maritime is a start-up that aims to provide an on-board system to predict these ?windows of opportunity?, in order to assist the crew to choose the optimal moment for a critical operation. This way, the system results in higher ?up-time? and additionally lowers the risk in currently acceptable conditions.
The underlying technology of such a decision support system is based on the results of recent cooperative research of TU Delft and TU Twente in which novel methods were developed to use navigation radar images to feed into a real time wave propagation and ship motion model.





P. Naaijen

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