A different place for different people. Conditional neighbourhood effects on residents, socioeconomic status and mobility


Neighbourhoods affect the socioeconomic prospects of their inhabitants. Yet, despite theoretical suggestions little is known empirically about how and for whom the neighbourhood matters. Previous research often assumed that neighbourhood characteristics affect all inhabitants equally, but is that the case? By ignoring potential conditional relationships, neighbourhood effects have been consistently underestimated. This project makes use of unique, high quality and longitudinal administrative data to investigate differential effects depending on social networks, length and time of residence and change in neighbourhoods. As differential effects would require differentiated policy solutions, the outcomes will be relevant to scholars and policy makers.



  • Beoogd: proefschrift
  • E.M. Miltenburg(2017): A Different Place to Different People , Amsterdam  24 maart 2017

Wetenschappelijk artikel

  • E.M. Miltenburg(2015): The Conditionality of Neighbourhood Effects upon Social Neighbourhood Embeddedness: A Critical Examination of the Resources and Socialisation Mechanisms Housing Studies pp. 272 - 294
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