Towards automatic assessment of effectiveness and well-being in music practice sessions


Playing a music instrument requires hours of practice towards mastery. Practice sessions can be fun, but also may be a source of pressure and anxiety, especially if important performances are imminent.

So far, effective music practice strategies have mostly been studied in the field of music education psychology, based on self-reports by players. In the current project, we want to investigate a data-oriented perspective to this problem.

At first, qualitative interview studies will be conducted with (semi-)professional musicians at different expertise levels, in The Netherlands and Vienna. These interviews will give insight into perceived factors leading to success or failure in practice sessions, including practice strategies, the role of emotional and mental states, and the role of ambient environment characteristics.

Subsequently, quantitative studies will be performed, based on audiovisual practice session recordings, as well as synchronized physiological measurements of the musician. Through multimodal data analysis, we will investigate to what extent cues regarding practice strategies, levels of well-being, and the perceived success of the musician can be automatically extracted from these recorded signals.

Academically, understanding informative cues in synchronized audiovisual and physiological data will allow for the development of an informed longer-term research agenda on automatic data-driven assessment and support mechanisms of well-being states in humans conducting everyday activities. Regarding valorization, active cultural practice will be considered in relation to practice locations in physical communities, and in connection to learning and well-being, offering novel framings for cultural activity in the context of multiple societal domains.





Dr. C.C.S. Liem

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Technische Universiteit Delft, Faculteit Elektrotechniek, Wiskunde en Informatica, Intelligent Systems


02/04/2018 tot 01/04/2019