Scattering of Twisted Light by Chiral Particles


Twisted light is a new form of light with a helical vortex structure of its wave front. How does twisted light interact with 3D chiral structures like a helix? Despite of the abundant presence of helical structures in nature the answer is yet largely unknown. Since all fundamental interactions are governed by symmetries, and the symmetries of helical material structures are very similar to those of twisted light, twisted light has great potential to become the tool of choice to study chiral structures, in particular if their size is of the order of an optical wavelength, say 100 nm - 10 µm. Twisted light scattering by such micro-helices is completely unexplored; at the scale of these particles the orbital and spin angular momenta of light are inseparable so that only the total angular momentum is conserved. My aim is to explore this almost completely uncharted field by optical scattering experiments and numerical studies. The vision is to develop this into a new method for bio-microscopy. Chiral structures are omni-present in biological tissue from DNA to collagen, and this new method has the potential to greatly improve their imaging contrast: Twisted-light scattering microscopy.


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  • W Löffler(2011): Beam shifts
  • W Löffler(2012): Guest editor Journal of Optics for a special issue on 'beam shifts'





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