Insights into the potassium transport mechanism of the chimeric KdpFABC complex by high-resolution cryo-EM


The structure-function relationships that explain the transport mechanism of membrane proteins on a molecular level are poorly understood and define one of the most complex and interdisciplinary research fields at the interface of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Here, I propose to investigate the KdpFABC complex for the uptake of potassium into the cell. The Kdp system combines features of three membrane transport systems (P-type ATPases, ion channels and ABC transporters), which traditionally are considered to be mechanistically and structurally distinct. I propose to decipher the mechanism of action of the KdpFABC system, which is likely to overthrow the conceptual boundaries conventionally used to describe membrane transport mechanisms. The work might lead to the design of novel antibiotics, as these systems are exclusively found in prokaryotes. The structural studies will be conducted exploiting the recent breakthroughs in high-resolution single-particle cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) that will be established by me as experienced researcher and thereby contribute to the cutting-edge research at the University of Groningen.





Dr. C.P. Paulino

Verbonden aan

ETH Zurich


01/09/2017 tot 31/08/2020