Senior expert at the Restoring Degraded Lands Flagship for sustainable dryland agro-ecosystems


Global drylands suffer from overexploitation of its scare natural resources exacerbated by climate change, which has resulted in large-scale degradation of the agro-ecosystems. The Restoring Degrading Lands Flagship of the Water, Land and Ecosystems CRP tries to restore degraded land and protect it from future impacts such as droughts. In addition, RDL aims to enhance ecosystem services and explore options to mitigate climate change impacts. The Senior Expert will support the CRP Flagship by co-leading and executing research on drought adaptation and land degradation problems, especially in ICARDA’s target areas from Sub-Saharan Africa to Central Asia. Drought adaptation will focus on adequate disaster risk management (e.g. rainwater harvesting technologies) specifically designed for arid environments, through modelling and field testing. Successful techniques will be out-scaled across dryland environments. Land degradation research will target the causes and rates of wind and water erosion, as well as the design and testing of feasible strategies and techniques to reverse land degradation. This work will use remote sensing, field data collection and modelling to develop sustainable land use and ecosystem services for future generations.





Dr. ir. G. Sterk

Verbonden aan

Universiteit Utrecht, Faculteit Geowetenschappen, Departement Fysische Geografie


01/05/2020 tot 30/04/2022