Assessment in arts education


Arts education introduces students to the arts and allows them to develop their artistic talents. Arts education develops competencies to (re)create and perform and to experience and interpret different art forms. Since schools are increasingly encouraged to also monitor and assess the development of students in the domain of arts education, there is a growing need for high-quality assessment methods and instruments. There is, however, disagreement about how to appropriately assess competencies aimed at in arts education. Literature on assessment in arts education shows a broad variety of assessment methods an instruments and reveals the complexity of assessment in this domain.
This study reviews literature about assessment in arts education at the primary and secondary level.
An inventory is made of assessment instruments described in recent literature on assessment methods and instruments (articles, handbooks, reports) and research articles in the domain of arts education. The study results in an overview and discussion of a) types of instruments available for domains of arts education b) operationalizations of competencies and competence levels used c) the quality of available assessment instruments and d) methods applied to determine this quality. The review helps schools, teachers and researchers in the field of arts education chosing forms of assessment that are in line with their approach of arts education, competencies they aim at and available expertise and resources.


Professionele publicatie

  • T. Groenendijk, M. Damen, F.H. Haanstra, C. van Boxtel(2014): Beoordelingsinstrumenten in danseducatie pp. 55 - 67
  • T. Groenendijk, M.L.C. Damen, F.H. Haanstra, C.A.M. van Boxtel(2015): Assesment in kunsteducatie


  • Beoordelingsinstrumenten voor de kunstvakken





Prof. dr. C.A.M. van Boxtel

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Universiteit van Amsterdam, Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen, Geschiedenis, Archeologie en Regiostudies


Dr. M.L.C. Damen, Dr. T. Groenendijk


11/06/2013 tot 22/06/2015