Interacting Particle Systems and Continuum percolation


There are two main topics/objectives of the visit: The first is that we will investigate the possibilities to write a second edition of the book ?continuum percolation?, originally written by applicant and Dr. Roy, but in case of a second edition also co-authored by Dr. Sarkar.

The second is a research project on interacting particle systems. The evolution of a particle
with time depends on the configuration of neighbouring particles (at that given time) as well as their evolution.
This is an essential difference with existing particle system literature where the evolution of the
particles depend of the configuration of neighbouring particles but are independent
of their evolution. The models we want to study are part of a large class of models studied by economists
over the last decade on social learning.





Prof. dr. R.W.J. Meester

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Platform Wiskunde Nederland


02/09/2011 tot 23/08/2012