Supporting Integrated Urban Water approaches for urbanizing Maputo through capacity building and advocacy activities


This project builds-up on the knowledge and content developed in the context of the NWO-funded “Sustainable freshwater supply for urbanizing Maputo, Mozambique” project , led by the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). The project involves four Mozambican PhD candidates and involved one postdoc. This team, looking into the social and technical aspects of water reuse, is developing a body of scientific and technical knowledge that has been published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at international conferences in the area of wastewater treatment, water reuse and social studies.
The main objective of this project is to, based on this knowledge, create a forum to discuss how Urban Water planning approaches, in particular water reuse, can be implemented in the existing legislation, policies and urban sanitation projects in Maputo. The activities will be led and hosted by the largest Mozambican network of water and sanitation professionals, AQUASHARE, and will include:

• A regional workshop in water/wastewater treatment, water reuse and the Urban Water Cycle led by senior staff of the TU Delft.
• One-to-one interviews with key senior staff of the sector main stakeholders with the aim of co-producing a draft White Paper on how to adapt existing plans, legislations and policies to support the implementation of Urban Water approaches across Mozambique, in particular water reuse.
• Finally, in a technical workshop involving the staff interviewed above, the White Paper will be finalized; the White Paper will then be made public in a final event.



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Dr. M. Alvarinho

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NGO Aquashare


01/02/2020 tot 31/12/2020