NanoMacroMOF: Towards the design, synthesis and application of Metal-Organic Framework macrostructures.


Nowadays, faced with strong environmental and energy concerns, it is crucial to develop cleaner and more efficient processes, not only for a better exploitation of the available resources but also to minimize their environmental impact. In this respect, the development of materials able to recognize, separate and transform molecules is critical and the main reason why nanostructured porous materials are widely applied. Despite the great advances in this field over the last decades, we still lack the tools to control the synthesis of such materials at different length-scales (i.e. from the microporosity to the macro-scale). This is crucial, because having such control would allow the design of much more efficient catalysts, membranes and adsorbents, among others.

The overall aim of my proposal is to develop new synthetic routes to control porous superstructures at the meso- and macroscopic scale. This will enable the preparation of architectures "à la carte". As a proof of concept, I will use metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), one of the most sophisticated classes of porous materials with great promises in many different technological fields. For the first time, I propose to control the MOF macrostructure by applying 3D printing. With this novel approach I will pave the way to the design and synthesis of advanced, optimized structures that are not accessible through other synthetic routes commonly followed. Specifically, I will apply 3D printing to the synthesis of MOF-based mixed-matrix membranes and catalysts. Furthermore, together with 3D printing, different templates will be employed to tune the superstructure of flexible MOFs at the mesoscopic scale. More specifically, metal and metal oxides by pseudomorphic replication and surfactant-assisted synthesis will be used.

As a result, a new generation of MOF superstructures will be delivered from this proposal, boosting their potential implementation in different fields such as gas separation or catalysis.





Dr. B. Seoane de la Cuesta

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Technische Universiteit Delft, Faculteit Technische Natuurwetenschappen, Chemical Engineering


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15/01/2016 tot 15/01/2019