Developing dynamic epistemic logic guided by old paradoxes and new techniques


Keywords: logic, information, probability, agency, paradox

Information pervades so many aspects of our daily lives that the current age has been dubbed ´the information age´. There are many scientific theories about information. In the last decade dynamic epistemic logic has developed as one of the main formal systems that are used to analyse the dynamics of information. These recent developments have mostly taken place within computer science and artificial intelligence. Philosophers have yet to benefit from these developments in order to solve some well-known problems in philosophical logic. The overall aim of the proposed research is to further develop dynamic epistemic logic and to let it join forces with other scientific theories about information in order to gain insight in information and its dynamics. The proposed research will focus on the following key objectives:
1. Develop philosophically sound semantics for dynamic epistemic predicate logic.
2. Evaluate these semantics by applying the logic to the hooded man paradox and the lottery paradox.
3. Combine belief revision further with dynamic epistemic logic.
4. Further develop probabilistic dynamic epistemic logic in order to develop a more general dynamic epistemic logic and to provide a theory of more complicated updates for probability theory.
5. Combine logics of agency and dynamic epistemic logic, in order to develop a notion of agency within dynamic epistemic logic, and a notion of action within logics of agency.


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