The role of the teacher in inquiry-based education in the classroom


Inquiry-based learning receives much attention in educational practice and theory as it provides pupils with the opportunity to actively engage in the inquiry of real questions, which consequently enhances learning. However, many teachers find this a demanding approach to learning and it is not clear yet what teachers of different grades should do to stimulate this type of learning in their classrooms. We do know that the role of the teacher has been found to be important in inquiry learning within the whole school career. Still, more clarity is needed on what types of activities and material teachers should design, which didactical and pedagogical behaviour is most effective and how teachers can serve as models in inquiry learning. Teachers can influence pupil learning and motivation positively or negatively as a result of their role in the inquiry process. For the elaboration of this approach for the future it is important to evaluate its potentials on the basis of available research evidence. Our research question is: How can K-12 teachers stimulate inquiry-based learning in their classrooms?
We will search for review studies and empirical studies on this topic. We will include studies that investigate different ways in which teachers can stimulate inquiry learning and its effects on pupils. Outcome variables that are included are learning outcomes, skills, attitude and motivation of pupils.
We aim to provide teachers with practical guidelines on their role in stimulating inquiry learning in the classroom and information on the effects of this approach on pupil outcomes.


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Prof. dr. H.J.M. van Oers

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Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Faculteit der Gedrags- en Bewegingswetenschappen, Pedagogiek


Dr. M. Dobber, M. Tanis MSc, Dr. R.C. Zwart


01/07/2013 tot 24/02/2015