Teaching and student learning in different types of teaching-learning environments


Teachers' teaching and students' learning are mostly studied independently from one another. Although there is a lot of public and scientific debate on the effects of new teaching - learning environments on student learning, there is not much empirical evidence to underpin these claims. This research project is aimed at the integrated study of teaching and learning in daily classroom practice. Teaching will be studied from three perspectives: an interpersonal perspective, a learning activities perspective, and a content perspective. The central research problem is: How do teachers' teaching activities regulate students' learning activities, in different types of teaching-learning environments?



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Wetenschappelijk artikel

  • M. Overman, J.D.H.M. Vermunt, J.M.G. Brekelmans(2013): Textbook Questions in Context-Based and Traditional Chemistry Curricula Analysed from a Content Perspective and a Learning Activities Perspective International Journal of Science Education pp. 2954 - 2978
  • M. Overman, J.D.H.M. Vermunt, J.M.G. Brekelmans(2014): Students' Perceptions of Teaching in Context-based and Traditional Chemistry Classrooms: Comparing content, learning activities, and interpersonal perspectives International Journal of Science Education pp. 1871 - 1901





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