Teachers learning as peers: processes, factors, and outcomes


This review focuses on teachers learning as peers, in for instance peer coaching or peer mentoring programs. Former reviews have focused on similarities and differences between these kinds of teacher professional development activities and clarified their meanings. The current review aims to examine the factors (such as group composition and voluntary or compulsory participation) that influence peer learning in formal contexts and the effects of peer learning at the individual, classroom, and school level.
To locate relevant studies, two search engines (i.e. ESBCO host and Science Direct) and issue lists of relevant journals will be scrutinized and reference lists of retrieved articles will be examined. Criteria for inclusion are: teachers learn as peers in a teacher professional development activity, the study examined factors and/or effects of learning, the publication was peer reviewed and published between 1991 and 2012. Based on the number of retrieved relevant articles and the data they supply, a decision will be made between either a meta-analysis or a systematic literature review to answer our research questions.
Dissemination encompasses a conference paper, two English journal articles, and one professional article. In addition, to reach a greater audience, a wiki will be build and regularly updated with knowledge emerging during the study, and at the end of the project, a one-day conference is organised.


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  • M.C.G. Thurlings, P.J. den Brok(2014): Leraren Leren als Gelijken: Wat werkt?

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