Supporting primary justice in insecure contexts, South Sudan and Afghanistan


This proposal outlines an applied socio-legal research to be carried out among communities and institutions in two districts in Afghanistan and two counties in South Sudan. Through case studies and action research the research will explore and follow-up
a) people's concerns and conceptions of justice, notably with regard to dispossession and other property conflicts,
b) the responses and remedies provided, in particular to women, through community-based, state-based, and other (e.g. religion-based or militia-based) mechanisms and practices, and
c) the potential of synthesizing "elements that work" into projects aimed at strengthening "pathways of primary justice".

Research and interventions are to be conducted jointly by domestic development organisations and state and non-state stakeholders, with program support of Cordaid, and knowledge-based support from VVI (Leiden), its international network, and local, preferably academic, researchers.

This proposal is informed by the experiences of Cordaid and partner organisations on the ground and by VVI's exploratory literature study. Analytical comparison between both countries and research areas, will help formulating points of departure for development programming and advance scientific knowledge on primary justice in fragile states. In case local security or access conditions in any of the selected country or areas deteriorate to the extent that field research must be halted, the project can flexibly expand in other areas.


Professionele publicatie



W 08.400.106


Prof. mr. J.M. Otto

Verbonden aan

Universiteit Leiden, Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid, Van Vollenhoven Instituut


B. Braak, Drs. F. van Drumpt, Dr. ir. C.I.M. Jacobs, D Janssen, Prof. mr. J.M. Otto, R. Sijstermans MA, F. Wakil, Dr. A. Wardak


26/11/2014 tot 30/06/2016