Crowdsourcing Cultural Heritage


The project aims at including the public and its diversity into the heritage discourse through the help of advanced digital technologies. It will make use of a recently developed cutting-edge crowdsourcing tool for architectural heritage, that will be implemented to research and foster the resilience of neighbourhoods in relation to cultural heritage in the built environment. The International Council on Monuments and Sites, a worldwide operating NGO in the field of conservation and protection of cultural heritage has a strong interest in collaborating with leading academic partners that can bring research on advanced digitization regarding heritage to the next level.
We are proposing to refine and adapt the novel crowdsourcing tool to match historical images through navigating street-view panoramas and to allow people to upload their own images and annotations in a historical database. A crucial part of the proposed project will be a crowd-sourcing workshop of three days in a Dutch heritage site to test the tool and to see what kind of creative practices can result from its use. The outcome will be analysed for the potential to include people through their identification with heritage into the active collective contribution to heritage determination. The value creation through direct involvement of citizens supports empowering citizens and involving their personal experience into an otherwise professional discourse, this is a crucial element of building resilient societies. Apart from the results of fundamental research, the outcome will be the conception of a public involvement strategy on digital outreach concerning cultural heritage.





T. Mager

Verbonden aan

Technische Universiteit Delft, Faculteit Bouwkunde, Afdeling Architectuur


01/01/2020 tot 31/12/2020