Smartification of audience experience: Design and implementation practices around co-design and application of data and AI into content experience for creative industries.


Recent developments in AI, user-engagement and data utilization have led to changes in creative and production processes, and opened new spaces for redefining roles between consumers and producers. Consumer engagement and data- & AI- enhanced tools are being used in creative industries for film, TV, gaming, advertising and interactive exhibition design, but this is still a niche and they are designed and implemented by a very limited number of studios and agencies. Also, the number of strategic research programs focusing on creative processes around these developments is scarce.
The project aims to understand what the design and implementation practices are in creative industry around co-designing and implementing consumer data- and AI- enhanced experiences. We will also investigate how the utilization of data and consumers’ engagement may help to improve content and experience personalization and, therefore, audiences’ satisfaction. We aim to understand the implications of the above for value creation and creative industries in terms of creative and production processes, and commercialisation potential.

To fill the existing knowledge gap, we will use mind-mapping exercises and in-depth interviews (n=22) with representatives of creative industries involved in every stage of experience development. We will focus on the solutions that are used to drive engagement, immersion and customization.
The partner for this research is Science Now, studio active in creative sector. Insights from this project will serve us as a base for further research on the tools that may allow audiences to participate in the experiences at their respective levels of cognitive abilities.





Dr. I.M. Derda

Verbonden aan

Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication ESHCC


01/01/2020 tot 30/11/2020