How to make the learning curve shorter: development of an e-learning education program in musculoskeletal ultrasonography in supraspinatus pathology complexities.


Shoulder problems are common; most patients show signs of various supraspinatus pathologies. The existing clinical tests have poor diagnostic accuracy and lack reproducibility. Musculoskeletal ultrasonography (MSU) is increasingly used within physiotherapy and might be a very useful diagnostic tool. However, it has been stated, but not sufficiently investigated, that MSU is one of the most operator-dependent imaging techniques and highly experience dependent with a long learning curve. The proposed study aims to determine the course and associated factors of the MSU learning curve and to develop an e-learning education program to shorten the MSU learning curve and improve diagnostic accuracy.





M.J.H. Schmitz MSc

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Maastricht University, UMC+, Epidemiologie


M.J.H. Schmitz MSc


01/09/2015 tot 11/07/2016