Scaffolding self-regulation: Effects on the acquisition of domain-specific skills and self-regulated learning skills


Research has convincingly shown that 'scaffolding' facilitates learning. Scaffolding is a combination of providing learner guidance and gradually fading that guidance as learner expertise increases. The aim of this project is to investigate whether scaffolding techniques that have proven effective for learning of domain-specific skills, would also improve the acquisition of students? self-regulated learning (SRL) skills, such as monitoring and evaluating their own learning or determining next study activities. The scaffolding techniques that will be investigated are: (1) modeling examples, in which peer students (i.e., the models) demonstrate how they successfully engage in SRL, (2) peer-tutor guidance, in which learners engage in a computer-based, peer-tutoring dialogue directed at the development of their SRL-skills, and (3) metacognitive checklists that contain guiding questions for learners to use when engaging in SRL. Effects of different task types (conceptual vs. procedural) and effects on attention (using eye-tracking) and working memory load will be investigated.


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Prof. dr. J.J.G. van Merriënboer

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Maastricht University, UMC+, Onderwijsontwikkeling & Onderwijsresearch


Dr. J. Leppink, N.B. Niet Bekend en Niet Gebruiken, N.B. Niet Bekend en Niet Gebruiken, N.B. Niet Bekend en Niet Gebruiken, M.L. Nugteren MSc, S. Raaijmakers MSc


01/05/2013 tot 31/07/2017