Floppiness and Flow


I propose to describe the flow of bubbles, grains, droplets and other disordered athermal media, by developing a new approach for flowing disordered media, building on recent fruitful ideas on the jamming transition in static disordered media. Jamming is the nonequilibrium transition to rigidity that governs the critical scaling of elastic and vibrational properties of disordered systems. These scalings are intimately related to the proximity of floppy motions, complex deformations that, at jamming, can be performed without doing work.

I claim that floppy motions also play an important role when the system is forced to flow under shear. Qualitatively, slow flows of disordered media exhibit anomalous scaling similar to static media, and particle motion organizes in swirls, strikingly similar to the floppy modes of static systems. Thus the goal of this project: to probe the relationship between floppiness and flow.

The project will progress along three lines of attack, using simulations of the bubble model for foams. To begin, I will perform the first normal mode analysis of soft sphere packings with viscous dissipation, probing analogies to static systems where anomalous bulk behavior is encoded in an anomalous excess of low-frequency (soft) modes near jamming. Secondly, I will show that Herschel-Bulkley (power law) rheology, which empirically describes many soft matter systems, emerges naturally as a scaling relation in the jamming context, by probing relations between microscopic interactions and macroscopic scaling laws. Finally, I will develop a novel mapping relating elements of force and contact networks in overdamped flow, and use it to show that notions of floppiness clarify the interplay of elastic and viscous forces. Working at Leiden will permit close collaboration with the excellent nonequilibrium systems and complex fluids groups of Wim van Saarloos (theory) and Martin van Hecke (experiment).


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