Early Childhood Education (ECE): Description and evaluation of ECE programs/projects aimed at policy development and practice improvement


Since its official introduction in 2000, Early Childhood Education (ECE) has become an important part of Dutch educational policy. Because municipalities and schools have had considerable time to develop and implement ECE initiatives, and because important policy adjustments are underway, the time seems right for a large-scale (ad interim) evaluation study. The goal of the study is to examine the short- and mid-term effectiveness of ECE programs/projects that are currently being used. In addition, the study aims to relate ECE effectiveness to implementation conditions and backgrounds of participating children. On the basis of a large-scale survey, the study tries to map the current 'ECE landscape', describe developments that have lead to the present state of affairs and make a prognosis of future developments/obstacles. By means of a qualitative study, the aim is, furthermore, to provide a more refined answer to the question what makes for effective ECE programs and to generate novel research questions.





Dr. R.C.M. van Steensel

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Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen, Pedagogische wetenschappen


Dr. R.C.M. van Steensel


01/01/2007 tot 24/07/2008