Productive Employment in the Segmented Markets of Fresh Produce

Please note that the project leader has changed to Dr J. Mariara (Partnership for Economic Policy, Kenya)


The fresh produce sector in Africa is a promising and dynamic sector driving growth. Also, or even because of this, there is an increasing segmentation in this sector, locally but also globally, between a modern and innovative programmed world and a more traditional non-programmed world. It is not clear, however, how this shift from a non-programmed to a programmed world affects the level and nature of employment in the fresh produce sector, including for smallholders, women and youth.

The main objectives of this proposal are (i) to address the impact of this structural transformation within the dynamic Kenyan fresh produce sector on productive employment, with a focus on the avocado production sector, and (ii) to test, in close partnership with the main local stakeholders, the impact of proposed policies in the National Avocado Commodity Business Plan on segmentation and productive employment.





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Dr. B. Shiferaw

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Partnership for Economic Policy, Duduville Campus


P. Ade, M. Amare, Dr. R.A. Fort Meyer MSc, E. Johnny, A. Mutiso, Prof. dr. R.H. Oostendorp, Prof. M.P. Pradhan, S.P. Rupert MSc, Dr. B. Shiferaw


01/09/2014 tot 28/02/2017