Network and Workshop: Linked Data and Syriac Sources


In the Digital Age, more and more sources of information are becoming available online, including annotated text databases, encyclopedic resources and geographical tools. Linked Data is the method to structure and interlink such data digitally. Around the world, scholars are taking initiatives to apply Linked Data to the treasures of Syriac Christianity. This makes it possible to combine domain-specific resources (e.g. Syriac lexicographical databases) with other resources (e.g. geographical and encyclopedic information about persons and places) into one large cloud of interlinked data. The present proposal aims at building a network of these scholars and developing plans for further cooperation, possibly in the form of an EU grant application. The first step towards this network is the organization of a workshop.





Prof. dr. W.Th. van Peursen

Verbonden aan

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Faculteit Religie en Theologie


20/03/2018 tot 13/03/2018