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Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH)

The NWO Domain Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) encourages excellent research in the research areas of the social sciences and the humanities. Various funding instruments are available to this end. The results from this research benefit science, as well as societal organisations, the cultural sector and industry.

  • Board and organisation

    SSH has a Domain Board that is responsible for developing the policy. The Domain Board takes decisions about the awarding of funds. Members are pre-eminent professors in the domain of the social sciences or humanities at Dutch universities or research institutes. The chair is a member of the NWO-wide Executive Board. This Board is a collegial board. The members jointly represent the entire scope of science.

    The members of the NWO SSH Domain Board are:

    • Prof. Anita Hardon, chair, also member NWO Executive Board.
      Due to her sabbatical at Stanford University, Prof. Hans de Bruijn (TU Delft) will be the acting chair and observer in the NWO Executive Board from 1 January to 1 June 2020.
    • Prof. Sjef Barbiers (Leiden University)
    • Prof. Peter Paul Verbeek (University of Twente)
    • Prof. Pearl Dykstra (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
    • Prof. Paula Fikkert (Radboud University), until 1 February 2020
    • Prof. Harry Garretsen (University of Groningen)
    • Prof. Odile Heynders (Tilburg University)
    • Prof. Chantal Kemner (Utrecht Unversity)
    • Dr Jasmin Lange (Brill Academic Publishers, societal board member)
    • Prof. Mathieu Segers (Maastricht University)

    The office of the SSH Domain realises the established policy and prepares new policy to support the Domain Board. It deals with funding applications, manages programmes and projects, and supports NWO steering groups and committees in the realisation of their tasks. The director of the SSH office is Dr Dirk-Jan den Boer.

    The NWO Domain Social Sciences and Humanities has been operational since 1 January 2017.

  • Research disciplines

    • Archaeology
    • Area studies
    • Art and architecture
    • Business administration
    • Communication sciences
    • Computers and the humanities
    • Cultural anthropology
    • Demography
    • Development studies
    • Economics
    • Environmental science
    • Gender studies
    • Geography / planning
    • History
    • History of science
    • Language and literature
    • Law
    • Linguistics
    • Music, theatre, performing arts and media
    • Pedagogics
    • Philosophy
    • Psychology
    • Public administration and political science
    • Religious studies and theology
    • Science of Teaching
    • Sociology

    Overview panels

    NWO research fields

  • Scientific Advisory Board

    The Scientific Advisory Board of the NWO Domain Social Sciences and Humanities assesses the suitability of the referees to be written to in funding rounds and assesses the progress of research projects. The domain board finds this important because – analogous to the principle that proposals are assessed by independent experts in selection committees – the choice of referees and the evaluation of progress reports should also be done independently and not by experts involved in the project. The members of the Scientific Advisory Board are appointed by the domain board.

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  • Publication cultures

    The NWO Domain Social Sciences and Humanities consists of a great many research disciplines, each having its own publication culture. NWO is tasked with the assessment of research proposals, and researcher’s CVs are often part of such proposals. Insight into the various publication cultures can therefore help to contextually assess researchers’ CVs. This is why we investigated and identified the differences between the publication cultures in the Social Sciences and Humanities domain.

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  • Advisory structure: SSH roundtables

    The NWO Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) Domain Board wants to enter into a sustainable collaboration with the SSH research field for the purpose of shaping NWO policy. This same wish has been expressed by researchers in the social sciences and humanities. The Domain Board has established SSH roundtables to structure the discussions with the field.

    The aim of the roundtables is, based on the needs and wishes of the researchers represented, to advise the Domain Board about policy, programming in the context of the Dutch Research Agenda, the mission-driven innovation policy and NWO procedures. Each roundtable represents a cluster of academic disciplines and contains a total of ten researchers in various phases of their career, with two joint chairs per roundtable. The aim is that the roundtables jointly form as accurate a reflection as possible of the SSH research field.

    Allocation and composition SSH roundtables


  • International collaboration

    The NWO Domain Social Sciences and Humanities participates in several international initiatives and networks with the aim of connecting Dutch researchers with foreign researchers and large infrastructures, so that Dutch science can progress further. Below, you will find an overview of the programmes and networks that the NWO Domain Social Sciences and Humanities participates in within Europe and the rest of the world.

    SSH's efforts are linked to NWO policy

    SSH's efforts in the area of international collaboration are closely linked to NWO's internationalisation policy. International collaboration remains a key theme in the NWO strategy 2019-2022. One of the new elements for the years 2019-2022 is the Merian Fund. International collaboration with emerging science nations plays an important role in that fund. Furthermore, NWO will ease the requirements for the 'Money Follows Researcher’ scheme, so that Dutch researchers will be able to continue their project at any location in the world. Money Follows Cooperation (MFC) offers the possibility of creating added value for research projects by using expertise from abroad that is not available in the Netherlands or not present at the desired level.

  • Contact

    Available from Monday to Friday from 08.30 – 17.30 hours CET on the general number: +31 70 344 09 06. WOTRO Science for Global Development available on the general number: +31 070 344 09 63.

    By e-mail:


    Laan van Nieuw Oost-Indië 300 (Java building)
    2593 CE The Hague

    Postal address

    NWO Domain Social Sciences and Humanities
    PO Box 93461
    2509 AL The Hague

    Questions about funding and programmes?

    You will find the contacts for each NWO instrument or programme on the funding pages and the programme pages on this website.

    Progress and completion of research funded by NWO?

    By e-mail: If you have specific questions about a current project, you should send an e-mail to the contact mentioned in the grant awarding decision, mentioning the file reference number.

    SSH Project Management

    Director of NWO Domain Social Sciences and Humanities

    Dirk-Jan den Boer (Director)
    T: +31 (0)70 349 40 35

    Rita Bihari (Assistant)
    T: +31 (0)70 344 07 88

    Curiosity-driven Research and Scientific Disciplines

    Inge Werner (Head of Department)
    T: +31 (0)70 349 41 98

    Erica van Liempt (assistent)
    T: +31 (0)70 344 09 44


    Kasper Gossink-Melenhorst (Talent scheme SGW)
    T: +31(0)70 344 05 57 , E:

    Rosemary van Kempen (Talent scheme NWO)
    T: +31(0)70 344 07 07 , E:

    Mariel Schweizer (Free competition and scientific disciplines, Innovational Research Incentive Scheme SGW appeals)
    T: +31(0)70 344 09 39 , E:

    Joris Voskuilen (Rubicon NWO-wide, Doctoral Grant for Teachers, SGW Infrastructure and appeals)
    T: +31(0)70 344 09 89 , E:

    Strategic Partnerships / WOTRO Science for Global Development

    Maarten Rottschäfer (Head of Department)
    T: +31(0)70 349 4440

    Jacintha van Bochove (assistent)
    T: +31(0)70 344 07 30

    Eric Beerkens (Team Leader WOTRO Science for Global Development)
    T: +31(0)70 349 41 09

    Josianne Winklaar (assistent)
    T: +31(0)70 349 40 97


    Sander Steeman (Internationale samenwerking SGW)
    T: +31(0)70 344 05 67 , E:

    Rob Heinsbroek (Hersenen, cognitie en gedrag)
    T: +31(0)70 344 09 87, E:

    Janneke van Kersen (Creatieve industrie & Veerkrachtige samenlevingen)
    T: +31(0)70 349 45 72 , E:

    Esther van der Wel (Duurzame bereikbare leefbare samenlevingen)
    T: +31(0)70 344 05 68  , E:

    Marlies van de Meent (MVI en thematische programma's)
    T: +31(0)70 349 45 60 , E: 

    Coördinatoren WOTRO

    Han van Dijk (Climate & Water)
    T: +31(0)70 344 09 45 , E:

    Corinne Lamain (Agri & Food)
    T: +31 (0)70 344 09 24 , E:

    Gerrie Tuitert (Health)
    T: +31(0)70 344 07 05 , E:

    Martijn Wienia (Inclusive Global Development)
    T: +31(0)70 349 43 52 , E:

    Project Management and Support

    Irene de Goede (Head of Department)
    T: +31 (0)70 349 44 14

    Sharon Beni (Assistant)
    T:+31 (0)70 349 42 22

    Eva Bakker (Team Leader Program and Management Support)
    T: +31 (0)70 344 09 35

    Sarita Jadoenath (Assistant Team Leader)
    T: +31 (0)70 349 44 58


    Hanneke Dekker (Project Management Curiosity-Driven Research and Scientific Disciplines)
    T: +31(0)70 349 40 11, E:

    Karin Snijders (Project Management Strategic Partnerships)
    T: +31 (0)70 344 09 33, E:

    [staff department]  Procedures and Quality

    Jan Nap (Head of Department)

    Sharon Beni (Assistant)
    T:+31 (0)70 349 42 22


    Olivier Morot (teamleider)
    T: +31 (0)70 349 45 77

    Jolanda Weerman (assistent)
    T:+31 (0)70 349 42 22