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Thousands of scientists can conduct their research thanks to financial support from NWO. They work in the Netherlands, but also at foreign institutes, research centres and universities. NWO awards grants for top research and research equipment. Together with the coordination of research programmes this allocation of funding is one of NWO's most important tasks. Research leads to results. The publication of these results and the financial reports enable NWO to give account for the financial resources it receives.

What do scientists want to find out in their research projects? And why is that so interesting? In Featured, researchers explain the ins and outs of their work. They also give their opinion about other issues in the science practice.


Projects database

The project overview contains specifications of and products from the project proposals funded by the Dutch Research Council since 2002.

Research database

Research programmes

Read more about the programmes funded by the Dutch Research Council.

Research programmes

Project management

What happens after NWO has awarded your research proposal? We will take you through the various steps of the project phases: from the start of the project, through its duration and completion. 

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NWO develops science policy in dialogue with the field and we want to show that. Onderzoek (Dutch for: research) is NWO's magazine for relations. In this magazine we discuss the developments, wishes and other voices in the scientific field. The magazine Results is a rich anthology of ground-breaking, surprising and above all socially relevant scientific results.

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