VVViO - Association for Researchers in the Talent Scheme

The Association for Researchers in the Talent Scheme (VVViO) promotes the interests of all laureates in the Talent Scheme. VVViO represents the new generation of top Dutch researchers in all areas of science.

The VVViO has three goals:

  • offering a platform to researchers within the Talent Scheme where they can contact each other and exchange information;
  • encouraging the social dissemination of research results related to the Talent Scheme;
  • providing a sounding board for NWO upon changes in the Talent Scheme grants.

The VVViO discusses experiences that researchers have with the NWO's Talent Scheme and can thus influence the funding. The association also focuses on research policy in the Netherlands and the career outlook for researchers.

Among other things, VVViO has focused in recent years on the implementation of the Principal Investigator and Tenure Track systems, the abolition of the matching requirement (such as shifts in direct government research funding and funding from third parties), and the drawbacks of subjects such as 'focus & mass' and 'valorisation' for innovation and excellent research.

Membership in VVViO is open to all Talent Scheme laureates and is free.

Applications can be made via the VVViO website