Money follows researcher (MfR scheme)

The MfR scheme enables researchers who take up an appointment at another knowledge institution abroad to take the remainder of the funding with them. The scheme aims to encourage the mobility of researchers worldwide.

Eligible researchers who are interested in using the MfR scheme can submit a request to NWO.


  • The project must be ongoing for at least one year. The remaining duration of the project has to be at least six months.
  • The researcher has to demonstrate that the project can be set up abroad according to the original project design.
  • The knowledge institution abroad and the Dutch knowledge institution have provided a written guarantee that the staff who will continue to work on the project in the Netherlands and the staff who go along or are hired at the foreign knowledge institution receive proper supervision.
  • The Dutch knowledge institution, the foreign knowledge institution and the researcher have come to a written agreement about any purchased machinery funded by the budget.
  • The Dutch knowledge institution and the foreign knowledge institution have come to a written agreement about the remainder of the funding. 
  • The concrete application of the MfR scheme may not be in conflict with international or national sanctions regulations.