Dutch Materials

Materials science in the Netherlands is a multidisciplinary field, relevant to a lot of sectors like housing, transportation, energy. NWO offers a broad range of both public-private instruments and fundamental research without cofinance. An overview of the possibilities.

Materials Science can contribute to several of the challenges identified in Dutch Top Sectors High Tech Systems and Materials, Chemistry and Energy and is also very suited for Agrifood, Life Sciences and Health, and Water and Climate.

Strategic research directions

The report Dutch Materials - Challenges for Materials Science in the Netherlands (2015) identifies six strategic research directions that build on key expertise gained in the Netherlands over the past years:

Designer functional metamaterials
Soft- and bio-inspired materials
Next-generation engineering materials
Materials for sustainable energy production and storage
Sustainable materials
Thin films and coatings
These challenges are chosen because they address key societal and technological problems. All of them can potentially lead to important scientific discoveries and break-through innovations over the next five to ten years.

The Materials Science theme committee was set up to implement the vision document "Dutch Materials - Challenges for Materials Science in the Netherlands" (2015). The committee makes proposals for research programmes resulting from the vision document. Furthermore, this committee helps the materials field to form consortia by organising meetings. The committee consists of experts from knowledge institutions and from industry. For the composition of theme committee Materials Science, please visit this page.


The following two NWO-domains are closely involved in Materials Science: Science and Applied and Engineering Sciences. Our funding instruments provide for both public-private cooperation as fundamental research in one of the six strategic research themes. All with different levels of technology readiness or distance to instant application.
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MaterialenNL: The platform for the Dutch materials field

Materials are everywhere! Thus the current materials field is inherently multidisciplinary and organized via different market and knowledge areas. This can clearly be seen by the large diversity of public-private collaborations and platforms that each address part of the materials research. Often the research is complementary, however it may also overlap. In view of the wide range and diversity of the materials research field the top sectors Chemistry, HTSM and Energy had the desire to gather all stakeholders at a central point: MaterialenNL. The goal of this national platform is the promotion of knowledge exchange, collaboration and coordination in the materials research field.

For more information

MaterialenNL platform website