Practice-oriented instruments (KIC 2020-2023)

Funding for practice-oriented instruments in the Knowledge and Innovation Covenant (KIC) 2020-2023 allows practice-oriented researchers to build up innovation networks and collaborate with regional partners and SMEs.

  • Budget and duration

    Funding is available through schemes at SIA, which will be developed in the first half of 2020, in line with the KIC. 

    Annual budget: 18 million euros

  • Practice-oriented instruments explained

    As part of NWO, the Taskforce for Applied Research SIA allocates 18 million euros a year to practice-oriented research via four instruments: 

    • SPRONG (€ 10 million): aimed at stimulating powerful research groups at universities of applied sciences.
    • L.INT (€ 3 million): aimed at creating new research positions, with a link between a university of applied sciences and the research organisation (including TO2, NWO institute, KNAW institute, National Knowledge Institute).
    • KIEM (GoChem/GoCI) - (€ 3 million): KIEM is an easily accessible scheme to encourage SMEs to carry out exploratory research in collaboration with a knowledge institution. The KIEM scheme is also open to the participation of universities and other scientific research institutes; GoChem and GoCI are programmes aimed at the chemical and creative industries, in which SME representatives, knowledge institutes and financiers work together to promote innovation in SMEs.
  • Innovation traineeships

    Budget: € 2 million

    Purpose: a new instrument to be developed, aimed at stimulating cooperation between SMEs and universities of applied sciences, linked to master's programmes through innovation traineeships. The initiative for this was taken by the top sectors Chemistry, Agro & Food and HTSM with the ambition of ultimately broadening this to all top sectors. This instrument is not used within this main line 4, but in main lines 1, 2 and 3.

    The efforts via KIEM and innovation traineeships (a total of 5 million euros) will be placed under the KIA Public earrning capacity; the remaining 13 million is as yet undivided.