Lange Termijn Programma's

Long-Term Programmes (KIC 2020-2023)

Strategy driven consortia with impact

NWO offers the opportunity for strong public-private consortia to apply for funding for a ten-year programme.  This call for proposals is main line 3, STRATEGY, from the NWO contribution to the KIC.

  • Aim and objectives

    Within this main line, a limited number of long-term programmes (LTPs) will be set up over the four-year KIC period. The strategic goal of an LTP is to stimulate the national development of a scientific field in the Netherlands, focusing on a societal theme and/or key technology, in a strong and long-term manner. Characteristic of an LTP is its 10-year funding, which is essential to achieve the desired scientific and societal impact. NWO's contribution is necessary to get the collaboration off the ground or to develop it further. 

  • Budget and duration

    The available budget per year is 30 million euros, of which 10 million is already being used for current LTPs. NWO has provided this commitment at the request of the top sectors and departments (ARCNL, ARC CBBC, Oncode, QuTech and Wetsus). This means that approximately 20 million euros per year is available for the launch of new LTPs.

    Submission was possible from 16 October 2020. You had to register your initiative via the web form you find at the bottom of this page before 26 January 2021.

  • Collaboration

    With this call, NWO aims at large consortia that involve all relevant partners from the knowledge chain. That means that there is room for these partners both in the budget and in the execution of the research.

    Financially, this is possible because the project that can be applied for at NWO -30% of the total budget- is executed via the NWO Grant Rules, while the remaining 70% of the budget offers more room. NWO does impose boundaries on the spending of this remaining budget. For instance, 50% of the private cash contribution, on which the NWO funding is based, should be used for scientific research. Further boundaries can be found in the call for proposals. It is possible to spend part of the budget – but never the NWO funding – at other partners. This can be, for example, TO2-institutes or RKIs. In the budget form a consortium needs to specify what these activities will be and how they are financed. In the research plan, all activities in the LTP have to be described, also the activities that are not executed at a knowledge institute that can receive funding from NWO.

    The composition of the consortium and synergy between the different activities in the LTP are important in the assessment of the proposal. There is attention for collaboration between all relevant scientific disciplines that are necessary for the execution of the proposal and for participation of relevant parties from the knowledge chain. NWO encourages all interested parties to contact the KIA-teams of the societal challenges and/or key technologies for which their idea can be relevant.
    Because NWO finds it imperative that all LTPs have a solid ground in the participating knowledge institutes, applications have to be submitted by one of the knowledge institutes as described in the call for proposals. 

  • Process

    Setting up a large collaboration and realizing the financial commitment from all involved partners takes time. NWO has set up a process that fits the intensive and complex character of an LTP.
    All LTP initiatives have to be submitted online. The initiatives will be published on the NWO website. After that, a pre-proposal has to be submitted. These pre-proposals are assessed in competition by a broad committee, on the criteria impact and strategic importance, long-term perspective, scientific quality, and composition of the consortium. Based on the advice from the selection committee, NWO will select long-term programs that are eligible for submission of a full proposal. For these selected programmes, NWO makes a financial reservation. That means that when a full proposal meets the quality criteria, the LTP can receive funding from NWO. To optimize the financial reservations that NWO makes, these are based on the private cash commitment that a pre-proposal can realize. To submit a pre-proposal, a consortium has to have at least €900.000,- private cash commitment.
    The deadline for the submission of initiatives is January 26th, 2021. The deadline for submission of pre-proposals is May 27th, 2021.

    Process of submission and selection of LTP initiatives (click on the image to enlarge (pdf))
  • Quality

    All full proposals for long-term programs are assessed on the four criteria mentioned above. This way, NWO guarantees to all partners that each research program is of high quality. Each full proposal is individually assessed by independent, international referees and by an assessment committee. Therefore this assessment process for each LTP is started when the full proposal and consortium agreement are ready. NWO gives each selected pre-proposal a deadline of 12 months after selection to finish the full proposal and consortium agreement.