Youth and digitalisation – impact on on identity development, relationships and (in)equality of opportunities

This programme wants to contribute to a better and more integrated understanding of the impact of digitalisation on the well-being, welfare, identity and relationships, and (in)equality of opportunities of children and adolescents.

  • Aim and objectives

    Children and adolescents (in this programme: 0 to 18-year-olds) learn and develop in different contexts, relationships and networks. In this programme, the impact of digitalisation will be considered from the perspective of different living environments and the complex interaction between various social contexts in which children and adolescents grow up. These include school, home, neighbourhood, digital environments and communities, and more.

    Two issues take centre stage in this programme:

    • The impact of digitalisation on the identity and relationships of children and adolescents, such as the impact on different and possibly changing relationships that children and adolescents have in different offline and digital environments with their peers and with adults who play a role in the growing up or raising of children and adolescents, and the way in which this influences the identity of children and adolescents, for example.
    • The impact of digitalisation on (possibly new forms) of (un)equal opportunities for or social division of children and adolescents.
  • Budget and duration

    For this programme, a budget of 2,865,000 euros is available for a project with a maximum duration of 60 months.
    The award decision will be taken in July 2022 and the project will start in the autumn of 2022.

  • Partners

    The initiators of this research programme are the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW).

  • Committees

    NWA thematic programmes have two committees: a supervisory committee and an assessment committee.

    Supervisory committee

    An advising supervisory committee is set up for each NWA thematic programme. This committee is responsible for the supervision of the programme as a whole and its projects. It monitors the potential synergy between the various projects, their progress and the results achieved in relation to knowledge utilisation. The supervisory committee can also play a role in stimulating productive interactions between consortia and policy practice.

    The participating government authorities are represented in the supervisory committee, in addition to a delegation from the research and societal partners. Important stakeholders can also participate in the supervisory committee, for instance because they represent the field of expertise and can stimulate knowledge exchange and sharing with practitioners.

    Assessment Committee

    An independent committee assesses the pre-proposals and the full proposals. In accordance with the NWA approach, the assessment committee has a broad composition. This means that not only scientists but also representatives from the entire knowledge chain and sociaetl stakeholders can become a member of the assessment committee. The participating government authorities are not represented in the assessment committee, but are allowed to be present as observers during meetings.

  • NWA route Child and adolescent development, upbringing and education

    NWA route Child and adolescent development, upbringing and education
    The programme Children and adolescents and digitalisation – impact on identity development, relationships and (in)equality of opportunities fits within the NWA route Child and adolescent development, upbringing and education. Research within this route will contribute to children and adolescents being able to grow up in a happy, healthy, safe and promising environment. Creating the right conditions for this good foundation requires knowledge about the development of children and adolescents, how to raise them and their education. In this route, various themes are stated in which digitalisation plays a role. For more information see: www.nwa-jeugd.nl


Lieke Nijland MA - NWA

Lieke Nijland MA - NWA

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