Dutch-Belgian Beamline (DUBBLE)

The Dutch-Belgian programme Beamline DUBBLE aims to make it possible for Dutch and Flemish researchers to conduct experiments at the synchrotron radiation facility in Grenoble in France.

  • Purpose and objectives

    DUBBLE is part of the synchrotron radiation facility at ESRF in Grenoble, France. The financing makes it possible for Dutch and Flemish scientists to conduct experiments at this Institute.

    Experiments are possible in the beam times for:

    • XAFS

    Experiments in the Swiss-Norwegian Powder Diffraction (PD) beam time are also possible.

  • Budget and lead time

    The DUBBLE programme runs untill December 2021.

  • Partners

    NWO finances DUBBLE Beamline together with the Flemish Scientific Research Fund (FWO).

  • Contact in Belgium and the Netherlands

    Programme Secretary Dutch-Belgian beamline DUBBLE


    The Netherlands

    Anko Wiegel
    tel: +31 (0)70 344 06 44
    e-mail: dubble@nwo.nl

    Flanders (Belgium)

    Prof L. Wyns,
    Vrije Universiteit Brussel - Dienst Ultrastructuur
    e-mail: ljwyns@vub.ac.be