Transitions and Behaviour

As a society, we face a large number of challenges in areas such as mobility, climate change, healthcare and sustainable energy. This programme focuses specifically on research into behaviour and behavioural change that makes transitions possible and accelerates these. A total of 9.48 million euros has been made available for the research.

  • Purpose and objectives

    Taken together, all of the awarded projects form an inspiring combination of diverse studies, which focus on transition issues named by the cooperation top sectors Creative IndustryLSHAgri&FoodeWater & MaritimeEnergyBBEHTSM and ICT. For example, the research could focus on questions such as: ‘Which role does the deployment of behavioural change play in making logistics more environmentally friendly?’, or ‘How can entrepreneurs realise more sustainable behaviour in relation to energy?’ In this way, the research will provide a contribution to the societal and economic development of the Netherlands in general and the various participating top sectors in particular.

  • Budget and lead time

    A total of 9.48 million euros has been made available for the research. Most projects have a duration of five years.

  • Partners

    To be able to achieve the acceleration in transitions, knowledge about behaviour and the way in which we can use this knowledge during the various transitions is needed. In the various research projects from the programme Transitions and Behaviour, researchers in the exact and behavioural sciences work closely with partners from industry, government bodies and civil society organisations. When these transition issues are tackled, it is important to strike a balance between technology and society. People's behaviour plays an important role in the chances of transitions being successful.

  • Commissions

    Academic members:

    • Prof. Rietje van Dam-Mieras, Leiden University (chair)
    • Prof. Jouke Verlinden, University of Antwerp
    • Prof. Yoram Krozer, University of Twente
    • Prof. Peter Achterberg, Tilburg University
    • Prof. Jan Dul, Erasmus University Rotterdam

    Societal members:

    • Dr. Gert-Jan de Maagd, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management