Smart Urban Regions of the Future (VerDuS SURF)

VerDuS is the Dutch acronym for Connecting Sustainable Cities. Within this knowledge initiative VerDuS, scientific researchers in collaboration with experts from the field develop knowledge to respond to issues such as urbanisation, spatial planning, mobility and transport.

  • Purpose and objectives

    The programme VerDuS SURF is the research programme within the knowledge initiative Connecting Sustainable Cities (VerDuS). It commenced in January 2016, and now five large projects and almost thirty small Pop Up projects have been awarded funding within this programme. The themes tackled vary and range from smart cycling systems and self-driving cars to the spatial consequences of changing shopping patterns and sustainable urban banks along waterways.

    Within VerDuS SURF, Dutch field projects are developed and realised as well as projects embedded in JPI Urban Europe. This is a European programming initiative with the aim of creating attractive, sustainable and economically viable urban areas in which European citizens, communities and their environments can live pleasantly together. Furthermore, the embedding in JPI Urban Europe contributes to a stronger position of the Dutch knowledge infrastructure in European and worldwide research.

  • Budget and lead time

    The available budget has been awarded to research projects in various funding rounds. Co-funding has also been made by private parties from the field. Newly emerging questions and (policy) developments have been responded to through a dynamic, phased research programming with several calls.

    VerDuS SURF runs from 2014 to 2021. The available budget for research has been awarded to research projects in various funding rounds.

  • Partners

    This programme is a collaboration between the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, NWO, the Taskforce for Applied Research SIA and Platform31. At the start of the programme in 2014, 16.5 million euros was contributed for research and knowledge transfer in the period 2014-2021.

    In VerDuS SURF, Dutch and international consortia of scientific researchers and parties from the field work together in urban regions to acquire knowledge at the interfaces of spatial planning, living, accessibility, economy and administration.

  • Commissions

    The members of the VerDuS SURF programme committee are:

    • Hans Tijl, Provincie Flevoland (chair)
    • Lilian van den Aarsen, Ministry of infrastructure and Water Management
    • Pallas Agterberg, Alliander
    • Edwin Buitelaar, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency
    • Marianne Linde, Gemeente Tilburg
    • Frank van Oort, Erasmus University Rotterdam /Utrecht University
    • Cees-Jan Pen, Fontys University of Applied Sciences
    • Karen de Ruijter, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management
    • Veronique Schutjens, Utrecht University
    • Geert Teisman, Erasmus University Rotterdam
    • Bert van Wee, TU Delft