Research policy NWO

Strategy NWO 2019-2022

In the strategic plan 'Connecting Science and Society' NWO describes the course for the period 2019 to 2022. Read more about NWO's ambitions.

Strategy of NWO

Funding lines

NWO provides a limited palette of funding instruments with a clear number of modules. Read more about the objectives of each funding lines.

Funding lines

Awards and prizes

 Each year, NWO awards the NWO Spinoza Prize to a maximum of four researchers working in the Netherlands who according to international standards belong to the absolute top of science. The NWO Stevin Prize is awarded to a maximum of two scientist or research teams that honours the social impact.

Exceptional researchers

Partners in science

Major social challenges call for groundbreaking solutions with impact. With the programme Dutch Research Agenda and participating in the Knowledge and Innovation Covenant, NWO is vigorously pursuing to achieve scientific breakthroughs and boost (social) innovation.

Partners in science

Topics and themes

The Dutch Research Council also addresses topics to strenghten the research field.


Laws and regulations concerning funding

Here, you can consult all legislation, policy rules and codes of conduct that specify NWO’s tasks and responsibilities.

Laws and regulations