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Research data management

Responsible research data management is an essential component of good research practice. In addition to being safely stored and carefully curated, research data should be made available for reuse as widely and as early as possible. The guiding principle in this respect is 'as open as possible, as closed as necessary.'

NWO therefore expects researchers to:

  • Carefully manage all research data generated as part of NWO funded projects;
  • Preserve these data for at least ten years, unless legal provisions or discipline-specific guidelines dictate otherwise;
  • As a minimum, share the research data that underlie research publications alongside those publications, unless this is prevented for reasons of privacy, public safety, ethical restrictions, property rights or commercial interests;
  • Deposit  research data in a trusted repository in such a way that the data are as findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR) as possible.

NWO understands research data as the evidence that underpin the answer to research questions, and can be used to validate findings. 

Software (algorithms, scripts and code developed during the course of a project) that are needed to access and interpret the data should  be, as much as possible, made openly available alongside the data.