Research Communities for Life Sciences

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Do you, as a researcher, want to provide input about important themes in life sciences research? As a member of a research community you will help to chart the current research field and provide input about the development of the life sciences. Furthermore, membership gives you the opportunity to expand your network and come into contact with life scientists from other disciplines.

The research communities have written strategic papers that give an overview of the Dutch life science field, identify strengths and define challenges in the near and far future. All members of the research communities have been able to contribute to these papers (available here). The Taskforce Sector Outlook Biology has gratefully used the research community papers for their landscape analysis and recommendations. This way the research communities contributed in an important way to the vision of the future for their own fields as well as the life sciences as a whole.

Since September 2019 the five NWO Research Communities for Life Sciences have started. These have been set up by the Life Sciences Round Table, in close consultation with the research field. Through these five research communities, the life sciences research field will be able to make an effective contribution towards recommendations for and monitoring of research at the Dutch Research Council (NWO). The link between researchers and NWO is essential to ensure that signals in the field are picked up by NWO, and that NWO is able to gain access to the field. The research communities connect life scientists and promote collaboration with other disciplines. The NWO Life Sciences Round Table invites researchers to register for membership of one or, at most, two research communities.

The five NWO Research Communities for Life Sciences are:

For a description of the research communities see this page.

The NWO Research Communities work with members in order to have a clear picture of the sub-field in question and to have at their disposal a distribution list for consulting or informing the field. Each research community is headed by a chair and one or more vice-chairs. NWO provides a secretary for each research community. Each research community is part of the portfolio of one of the Round Table members.

Duties of the NWO Research Communities

  • Identifying new developments in the sub-field of the working group (strategic paper);
  • Maintaining contact with the research field;
  • Maintaining the network with the Dutch National Research Agenda, Top Sectors, sectorplan Biology, existing societies in the field, etc.;
  • Help shape and execute the network and forum function of NWO in the life science field (during Life, for example);
  • Give unsolicited and solicited advice to the Round Table Life Science and, through the Round Table, to the Board of the NWO Domain Science (ENW).


You can register for membership for one or two research communities, via the registration form at the bottom of this page. Registration is possible at any time.

Members are professors at a university or institute in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, academic employees (such as associate or assistant professors) at a Dutch university or institute with a permanent contract, senior researchers from industry, academic employees on a temporary appointment at a Dutch university or institute at Vidi level (or equivalent) or higher, and senior researchers employed outside the Netherlands with a particular affinity with the sub-field in the Netherlands.

By submitting your membership you agree that NWO can use your information to inform you and consult you on matters related to NWO, Life Sciences and your selected research communities. You name and affiliation can also be shared with the Round Table Life Sciences and the research community chairs and vice-chairs of Life Sciences.

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