Shifting identities, social change and cultural interaction in the southern Greek mainland, 2000-1500 BC


The aim of this project is to interpret the important social, political and cultural developments that took place in the southern Greek mainland during the Middle Helladic period and the transition to the Late Helladic (2000-1500 BC). Its central question, the redefinition of personal, ethnic and cultural identities within wider processes of socio-political change, is the most debated question in current theoretical debates in archaeology.
The task will be undertaken by means of an analysis of settlement, funerary, skeletal and iconographic data from the Argolid, a region in the northeastern Peloponnese. This is already a very well documented area – but the recent or imminent publication of important Middle Helladic findings makes a synthesis of the material even more imperative.
The project will employ both established archaeological techniques (contextual and statistical analysis of settlement and funerary data; analysis of skeletal remains for age/sex determination and dietary variation; radiocarbon analysis of animal and human bones for absolute dating) as well as highly innovative methods such as DNA analysis (for the determination of age/sex as well as the genetic affiliation of populations, i.e. biological kinship and ethnic divisions). The project team has been granted access to important material, has ensured the full collaboration of excavators in the area, and has set up a network of collaboration with leading authorities all around the world.
The project group consists of Dr. Sofia Voutsaki (project leader), Prof. Dr. P.A.J Attema (liaison with Groningen Institue of Archaeology), a specialist in radiocarbon analysis, a human bones specialist, an AIO and a student assistant. The research output will consist of one monograph, one doctoral thesis and several articles. The data and any preliminary results will be made available through a website. An International Round Table on the Middle Helladic period will be held, and the Proceedings will be published.


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Project number


Main applicant

Prof. dr. S. Voutsaki

Affiliated with

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Groninger Instituut voor Archeologie

Team members

Prof. dr. S. Voutsaki


15/03/2003 to 07/10/2010