What's the matter with frustration? Highly fluctuating phases in frustrated complex oxides


Frustration is a well-known state of emotion, that arises when reality does not match one?'s desires. Now in some solid state materials the ?'will?' of individual electrons or spins cannot be satisfied, and similar frustration might arise. Frustration in condensed matter materials leads to ill-understood phases of matter, characterized by large fluctuations and entropy.
Many frustrated systems do not have a unique ground state, which implies that standard tools of theoretical condensed matter physics cannot be applied. Therefore one of the main open questions in physics is to develop a theoretical framework for frustrated systems.
I propose to investigate the highly fluctuating phases in two specific materials: striped nickelates and metallic pyrochlore spin ices. Using amongst others analytical Extended Dynamical Mean Field Theory (EDMFT) I will explain recent measurements on those materials. Subsequently, I will deduce from these concrete explanations more general insights on the nature of the fluctuating phases in frustrated matters.


Scientific article

  • M. Ortuno, L. Rademaker(2016): Explicit Local Integrals of Motion for the Many-Body Localized State Phys. Rev. Lett. pp. 01040 - 4


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Dr. L. Rademaker

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Universiteit Leiden, Instituut Lorentz Center

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Dr. L. Rademaker


01/09/2014 to 03/11/2016