Youth Appropriation of Latin American Urban Public Spaces through a Commoning Lens


This research aims to balance out macro-level scholarly attention for privatisation and socio-spatial design, planning and governance with empirical evidence of the everyday practices and resistances of youth in urban Latin America through a commoning lens. This research seeks to provide an ethnographic analysis and systematic comparison between re-commoning practices of youth in secondary cities Arequipa and Cartagena. The research results contribute to urban commoning theories for more humane cities, Global South policy-based debates about sustainable spatial planning policies and the development of geographical education method for Dutch secondary education. Crucial for the urban citizens of the future: our youth.


Project number


Main applicant

I.A.M. van den Bogaardt

Affiliated with

Pieter Nieuwland College

Team members

I.A.M. van den Bogaardt


01/03/2019 to 31/12/2024