ENTIRE: ENabling susTainable Industrial development in Vietnamese delta's: REducing, recycling and multi-sourcing industrial water

This project aims to optimize industrial fresh water use in the Mekong delta by developing a technological and governance framework, through piloting in three existing industrial zones, and building a decision support model that can also be used in other deltas.

Project presentation UDW-II Kick-off meeting at 9 May 2016


Project leader: Prof. ir. H.H.M. (Huub) Rijnaarts (Wageningen University)

Consortium partners: Dr. M. Huynh Ngoc Phuong (Center for Environmental Technology and Management - ETM), Dr. J. van Leeuwen (Wageningen Universiteit & Research centrum), Prof. dr. ir. A.P.J. Mol (Wageningen Universiteit & Research centrum), Dr. M.D. Tran (Van Lang University), Ir. J.H.G. Vreeburg (KWR Watercycle Research Institute)

Consortium partners (institutions): Center for Environmental Technology and Management - ETM), Wageningen University & Research Center, Van Lang University, KWR Watercycle Research Institute


Delta areas have a large economic importance; they form the connection between the resources of the main land and those of the sea. Industrial, agricultural and residential sectors articulate a huge demand for water resources to sustain and develop society and economy. A sustainable use of fresh water resources is required to prevent it becoming a limiting factor for economic development.
This research aims to develop, model, design and implement a technological and governance frame-work for water and waste water services for sustainable development of industrial areas and their associated residential areas, preserving fresh water resources for urban water functions and agricultural production.
This objective will be met in two steps: first, by designing, piloting, and screening on existing indus-trial zones in the Mekong delta (Phuoc Hiep IZ, Long Hau IZ and Tra Noc IZ); second, by building and validating a more generalized heuristic-based, contextualized, decision support model for Water use optimization in industrial zones and their associated residential areas in developing countries.


Publications for the general public

  • TT Tran(2017): WP2 PhD research presentation 1st year workshop, HCMC, Vietnam, July, 4, 2017
  • MT Le(2017): WP1 PhD research presentation 1st year workshop HCMC Vietnam, July, 4, 2017
  • F Firoozyar(2017): WP3 PhD research presentation 1st year workshop HCMC Vietnam, Jully, 4, 2017
  • MT Le(2017): WP1 PhD research presentation2 1st year workshop HCMC Vietnam, July, 4, 2017
  • MT Truong(2017): THE FIRST PHASE WORKSHOP SUMMARY, HCMC July, 4, 2017


Project number

W 07.69.202

Main applicant

Prof. dr. ir. H.H.M. Rijnaarts

Affiliated with

Wageningen University & Research, Agrotechnologie & Voedingswetenschappen, Milieutechnologie (ETE)

Team members

Ir. F. Firoozyar, T. Trang MSc, M. Le Truong MSc